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About Autumn Prairie Kennel

We sell our puppies to folks who believe in allowing pets indoors and consider them part of the family.

Here is a brief overview of how we raise our litters:

  • Puppies are born & raised in our home
  • From birth to "go home" day, our puppies have human contact througout each and every day
  • Puppies receive Early Neuro Stimulation 
  • Early socialization
  • Potty training introduced
  • Crate training introduced
  • Puppies are kept to approximately 8 weeks of age

About Us

Autumn Prairie Kennel (APK) was established by Mike & Margy Walter in September 2016.  We bought our first German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) in 1985.  We named her Autumn and quickly fell in love with her and the breed.

Autumn was an amazing dog. She potty trained herself the day we brought her home and she loved & protected our four children as if they were her own.  Although Autumn never received any formal training, she was an excellent hunter.

Fast forward to Sept of 2015, with all four kids raised and out of the house we were more than ready for another GSP.  Enter Raina, this is where our adventure into breeding and ultimately the establishment of our kennel began.  Raina's natural hunting instincts coupled with her loving & silly personality made it clear we wanted to breed & share her qualities with others.  In her first five years with us, Raina has received her Junior Hunter Certification and has given birth to three amazing litters of puppies, all of whom have proven themselves in the field and in the home.

Gidge Hunting

Gidge X Deke Litter has arrived!

May 22, 2020

Past Puppies

Dottie, Blitz, Zuzi, Reef

Why We Breed

GSP's have a natural hunting instinct coupled with a loving & silly personality. This made it clear we wanted to breed & share their qualities with others.