Versatile German Shorthaired Pointers

We breed passionate hunters that are loving family dogs. We look forward to sharing that with you. 

Gidge Hunting Solo

A Unique and Versatile Breed

German Shorthaired Pointers are a unique breed. GSP’s were bred by the Germans to be a versatile hunting companion. They will point, retrieve on land and in water and can easily be trained as tracking dogs. They have a natural desire to please and they enjoy and look forward to training sessions. 

Early Neuro Stimulation

Autumn Prairie Kennel handles each of their puppies by applying the U.S. military method of the Early Neuro Stimulation.  Each puppy is handled one at a time to perform a series of five exercises a day that involves the following:

  • Tactical stimulation
  • Head held erect
  • Head pointed down
  • Supine position
  • Thermal stimulation

To read more regarding this method please click here

Puppy Berta

Our Mission

To breed German Shorthaired Pointers that enhance the breed as man’s ultimate companion in the field and at home.

Our Breeding Program

We sell our puppies to folks who believe in allowing pets indoors and consider them to be members of the family.  

Here is a brief overview of how we raise our litters: 

  • Puppies are born and raised in our home 
  • From birth to “go home” day our puppies have human contact and interaction throughout each and every day. 
  • Puppies receive Early Neuro Stimulation    
  • Early socialization  
  • Potty training is introduced 
  • Crate training is introduced 
  • Puppies are kept with their littermates until approximately 8 weeks old.